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81 I am the light of the world.
Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

Dear God, You seem so far away today! I do a very good job of keeping myself in darkness. But I know You are here. You never left. You are the Light in which I see. You are the life force that moves all little things of Earth, the life force that makes the grass grow and the birds outside my window sing their song of joy. You are the vast, all-encompassing intelligence that moves planets and lights up the stars.

A hushed reverence descends over everything at this thought. I spend this holy day in hushed reverence.

81 I am the light of the world.
Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

Here's trying, once again, to take this thought in, JC. How quickly I forget. Where do I connect with others today, so that I may practice forgiveness? You show me. Show me what to do and what to say to those you send my way. Why, it's even a little haiku:

show me what to do
and what to say
to those you send my way.

"Let me not separate my function from my will." This is one of those sentences you drop on my lap and leave for me to puzzle over. My function is forgiveness. My will . . . I get it, my old concept of will had an attitude. Rigid and self-denying, it ran over other people to get its way. My father forced himself to do God's will, not seeing the contradiction implied. To see function and will as one, that's truly a thought revolution. Guess I needed this lesson, after all!

81 I am the light of the world.
Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

What an answer to the universal question: what am I?
What an answer to the question that comes up for every student of the Course: what shall I DO now that I know all this? As confessed Kenneth Wapnick, who has dedicated his life to the propagation and administration of this book: "one question remains, which is, what should I do with the Course?" It startled me to read it, coming from Ken Wapnick. Perhaps that's the ultimate question of the ego, and it has to do with surrender. Because the ultimate task of the student is to surrender to the will of God, knowing that His will and ours are One.

82 The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.
Let me not forget my function.

MT: So God, how does this apply to fat and thin? I know "I am not a body" and all that, but. . . the "problem" is hard to let go. My body goes right here behind my nose, and it's got high cholesterol, according to the gods of medicine.

God: You judge yourself as fat. Therefore, you must be judging others as fat/thin. You divide the Sonship into fat and thin, and thus you make up a split in what I put together in the beginning. Open your heart to those who suffer under excess body weight.

MT: But they are gross! Forgive me, but they are gross! They have skin folds they can never wash. Imagine the smell. Fat people waddle like sea lions. They break chairs. I don't want to be like them. Please don't doom me to this fate, just because I make a little judgment now and then.

God: I doom you to nothing, but you doom yourself to plenty. And it's not a little judgment now and then. It is constant, and it is a strain on you. There are more useful things to think about. You are misusing your beautiful mind.

MT: Sheesh, you are being rather stern today.

God: I want you to be the magnificent being that you really are. Your rightful inheritance is peace. But you have to stop indulging yourself. Did you ever hear me say, "Fat people shall not enter the Kingdom, the door is too small!"? Your task is to think like me, and learn to go past the appearances of the world. Open the doors of the Kingdom to those whose bodies are different, mangled, diseased, scabbed, distorted, or fat! The old and feeble, the young and beautiful, the large and the small, they are equally Spirit. You will learn that most precious lesson, along with them: you are not a body. You are Spirit.

MT: So today let me extend peace to all, whatever their body size or condition, through my forgiveness. Let me not forget my function. Amen.

82 The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. Let me not forget my function.

MT: Pretty involved sentence, the first one, but I take your words seriously. They are there for a reason. So I'm not the one who brings peace to every mind. I serve as a cable, so to speak.

JC: You don't feel much like a conduit for the light of the world this morning, do you?

MT: No. How did you guess! I feel like a cable that's corroded at both ends.

JC: You don't feel like writing, but here you are. That's a little willingness, and that suffices.

MT: Thanks for the reminder. I love the concept of “a little willingness" and "willing to be willing." The ego says I've got to dress up for the ball, the Holy Spirit says, come as you are, I can use all of you all the time. That is such a refreshing attitude.

JC: No preparation is necessary to come to your God--no rituals, no cleansing, no offerings of slain animals, no need to go to church. The holiest place on Earth is the one where an ancient hatred becomes a present love. You carry the holy place with you as a possibility at all times.

MT: Today, I remember my function: to practice forgiveness so that the Light can pour through me.


82 The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. Let me not forget my function.

The light of the world, the Holy Spirit, is already there. I only think I made a world shuttered tight, a darkroom where light can enter not. My forgiveness is the Great Undoing, the Second Coming, the Awakening. It only takes one to bring Atonement to this troubled sphere and all its inhabitants. Why not me? My function is to open the way, to draw back the curtains of sin and suffering and let light stream in. It is a glorious dawn, this, the dawn of a forgiven world, and I the essential means to the Light.

82 The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

I am God's channel. The light flows through me. All it takes is willingness!

Let me not forget my function.

My only function: the one given me by God. To bridge the separation, to see my brother and myself as One.

83 My only function is the one God gave me. My happiness and my function are one.

MT: You talk about me as if I were a tool. Tools have functions.

JC: And the happiness of a hammer is to drive nails. The happiness of a car is to drive. That is the Zen of motorcycle maintenance. Could you look at it in this way?

MT: Oh, OK. I was just feeling grouchy. But the word always struck me as a bit odd, even as I know you choose your words carefully.

JC: You think you have many functions: to post on this site, to attend the gym, to visit your family, to dig weeds, to pay your taxes and eat an apple a day. But they all do, or do not, fit into one overarching function: to forgive the world you made.

MT: If I see it this way, it makes no sense to argue with a tenant or to flick off the car that won't let me pass.

JC: That is correct. The concept of function warns you when you are off. You were created to create the good and the beautiful. You were created as an extension of God, just as a radio or a needle or a surgical knife are extensions of man. Your function is to create as God.

MT: A gun comes to mind. You didn't mention guns.

JC: The function of a gun is to kill. It is an extension of man's dark side, his detour into madness, his obsession with ending life, that of animals, of his brothers, of himself. It is the clearest example of the ego's delusional thought system. With a gun in his hand, a man feels like a god. How does he "prove" he is God? By destroying life, of course.

MT: What a terrible picture, after a century of war.

JC: That is why, in the dark days of the Cold War, Helen, Bill, and I wrote this book. The world was crying for a better way, a way out of darkness, a way home at last. They accepted their function, I fulfilled mine.


83 My only function is the one God gave me. My happiness and my function are one.

And God is One. I sought to separate my function from my life and from God. Now I see that no matter what I do, the function that unites them all is forgiveness. I am here to learn forgiveness, whether I work cleaning houses or serve my country as ambassador to the United Nations. I learn forgiveness when I walk down the street, weed the garden, talk to the neighbor, or teach computer skills at the retirement home. Each of a day's events gives me a new chance to learn forgiveness, when seen with the light of God.

Today let me remember my function. I walk the world in perfect holiness today.


84 Love created me like Itself. Love holds no grievances.

MT: I feel sleepy. Sleepiness envelops me like a fog, just when I sit down with the laptop. I just want to go back to bed. These are the worst times, when I feel like a staggering, drunken elephant. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

JC: Remember the supervision meeting with Marianne and Anne, some twenty years ago?

MT: Yes, same sleepiness. Back then, fear of how Marianne might react kept me from saying what I had to say. So I got sleepy instead. It was great of Gary to notice it and not let me get away with going for a cup of coffee. Am I afraid of what I might see inside (there's nobody else around today), if I let myself look?

JC: Well, there's a reason that you are sleepy right now. What do you need to say that you're not saying?

MT: Aaarghhhh! I feel like a good girl, doing Daddy's bidding. I think I just went back to age five or eight. Funny how the mind does that. I think that's why studying the Course without active participation feels so irritating to me. It reminds me of rote, mindless repetition, the swallowing of food without chewing, bowing to petty bureaucrats protecting their fiefdoms. JC, one new idea appears once every twenty years or a hundred years, the rest is all mindless repetition. We're like lemmings. We'd rather follow, God forbid we should lead!

JC: Given that, watch who you follow. And forgive those who lead out of incompleteness, and the masses who follow them.

MT: Like George Bush? I do need to forgive the last election. Incredulity and despair washed over half of the country, it wasn't just me. But JC, I don't want to start talking about politics here. I set out to take in this lesson: Love created me like itself. Love holds no grievances. But maybe that too isn't it. I want to know what's bugging me this morning. Bad dreams?

JC: If you want light, you turn on the light. Analyzing darkness can never bring light.

MT: I am totally stuck.

JC: No, you're not. Get off it. Stuckness, sleepiness, despair, events of twenty years ago, the election, memories of childhood--these are all ruses of the ego. Do not fill your mind with these, all they do is deepen the cracks.

MT: I don't have to post. Nobody's going to fire me if I miss a day.

JC: Exactly. Now go with God, even if He seems a long, long way off. He knows the way to you.


84 Love created me like itself. Love holds no grievances.

I was made by love, the life principle. Love is who I am. When I am tempted to feed grievances, let me remember: My Creator did not create this as I see it, therefore it does not exist. Here is the way out of suffering, misery, and loss. Here is the way to peace.

84 Love created me like Itself.
Love holds no grievances.

MT: I am fighting this, JC. Please help.
JC: Always here with you, for you.
MT: Shall I give it up? I feel like watching a mindless show.
JC: You want to give up your pursuit of happiness.
MT: I thought it was the pursuit of God.
JC: They are one and the same. As you well know.
MT: I must be holding on to a grievance. I feel morose this morning.
JC: Are you ready to see things differently?
MT: Yes, I am ready. Show me a different way of seeing myself and the world around me.
JC: Peace to you today. Be at peace with yourself, and all this shall be given you.
MT: This is a grievance against myself, then. I can't think of anyone else.
JC: The separation from your Self is the basic one. It is fundamental. When you realize this, the task becomes easy.
MT: Of course I can forgive myself. Why should I want misery, sickness and death for myself! I hold no grievances today.

85 My grievances hide the light of the world in me. My salvation comes from me.

MT: Always throwing the responsibility back on my lap! Are there no breaks for us weary souls?

JC: You call that a break, to indulge in grievances?

MT: Awww. It feels good sometimes. It connects me with others who share my grievances.

JC: That's how you start World War III. I thought you were a pacifist.

MT: You do recognize, do you not, that it feels good to sit on the pity pot, especially when I have company?

JC: Yes, but it is also behaving irresponsibly, and giving others the permission to behave irresponsibly. Enjoy it, but know what you are doing, and it's not pretty. Let me add that the ones with whom you share grievances--in the blink of an eye, they can turn against you!

MT: JC, you've taken all the fun out of self-pity, gossip and schadenfreude, the delicious feeling of being in the in-group as opposed to the out-group.

JC: I never said you "shouldn't" do it. My purpose is only to open up your eyes. Go ahead and play with your grievances. In a way, that's a path Home too, because you can never indulge unconsciously again. You can never take your grievances seriously again. There is Spirit behind it all, laughing all the while--the Laughing Buddha.

MT: The Laughing Buddha. I like that. Thank you!


85 My grievances hide the light of the world in me. Salvation comes from me.

MT: Any time I do not experience joy, I am in grievance, I am in ego. Do I want to extend light, or to generate darkness?
JC: Yes. There are only two states, there are only two choices.
MT: Once more, you reinforce the idea that salvation is within. It comes from God, and God is within.
JC: Do not look outside yourself.
MT: Salvation comes from me. Today, show me where I may be looking outside for what resides within. This is my will.

85 My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

As long as I make the dream real by cherishing and tending my grievances, for that long I will still sleep.

My salvation comes from me.

It is up to me, much as I would like to make it someone else's responsibility!

86 Only God's plan for salvation will work. Holding grievances is an attack on God's plan for salvation.

MT: It's the dawn of Easter Sunday, JC. This is the day all Christianity celebrates the resurrection of the historical Jesus. I feel a certain reverence hovering over the land this morning. Any comments? The day should feel rather personal, but I guess personal is not the right word, because you are no longer in the flesh. What a gift you gave us, two thousand years ago and again with this book, the Second Coming of Christ.

JC: I learned the power of love, and love begs to be shared. No thanks are necessary, although gratitude cleans your mind of grievances, so you do well to cultivate it. This is the Great Opportunity, your resurrection, every moment that you choose again. Do not walk in darkness any longer.

MT: Darkness meaning?

JC: Darkness means holding grievances, muttering under your breath about all "they" done to you. Imagine the agony my flesh would have been forced to endure, had I railed against Romans and Jews, Caesar and Pontius Pilate, those who ridiculed me and spat on my face.

MT: So this is the lesson of the Crucifixion: nothing justifies attack. Grievances only make suffering worse.

JC: Nothing justifies attack. Attack sets you up against God, and it is self-perpetuating. It is the virus of suffering. Attack fans out in vast tides of pain. Look not at what they did to my body, but behold instead how I chose to respond.

MT: With your example you rendered attack obsolete. An anachronism. Thank you this Easter morning.


86 Only God's plan for salvation will work. Holding grievances is an attack on God's plan for salvation.

MT: My plans for salvation are too numerous to mention--better health, good nutrition, sacrifice myself to save others, find something spectacular to do, laugh a lot, perhaps take Tai Chi lessons. Now you're telling me that only God's plan for salvation will work, so why am I even giving these plans a thought!
JC: Yet there are grievances.
MT: Yes, speaking of better health, I hold a grievance against medical care in this country. It is outrageously expensive and curiously mechanical. That's my judgment. Wish you'd do something about it.
JC: And your judgment that it is expensive, is it not placing value on the valueless, such as money?
MT: Well, yes it is. How does one completely give up judgments? I rather enjoy clobbering doctors and hospitals (until I need one).
JC: Behold the clobbering, because it is an attack on God. As if you could attack God.
MT: I get tired of being spiritually correct, though.
JC: Your defiant streak could be used to defy your ego. If you make up a grounds for a grievance, you do not see the grounds for your salvation. Come back to me!

86 Only God's plan for salvation will work.
Holding grievances is an attack on God's plan for salvation.

Oh, how I loved my plans, my schemes, all the ways that (so went the thought) I could be an effect of the world around me and still be happy! I wanted to make illusions into truth. I sought to forge others (and even inanimate objects!) into attackers and myself into a victim. I hoped that, by inducing guilt with all sorts of clever ruses, I could change others so they would at last make me happy. I flew into a rage when another heaped guilt on me: "I will kill you before I will accept guilt!" Or, I took responsibility when responsibility was not mine to take, just to show how holy I was. What a tangled web we weave!

87 I will there be light. There is no will but God's.

MT: If there is no will but God's, and I am a creation of God, created in His likeness, my will and God's are one. This Course is about reconnecting with our God-nature, then. So I could have my heart's desire in a flash, when my mind is integrated in this way. The Garden of Eden story comes to mind, JC--man's long experiment with separation, when living became work. "With the sweat of your brow you will earn your bread." It's interesting that my most enlightening experiences have happened on vacation, when I feel like I'm in Eden--no worries, no cares, I'm here to enjoy life. That it were so all the time!

JC: There is no reason that it can't be so. The path is clearly shown you in this Course.

MT: What a monumental loss that was, when we decided to separate.

JC: Death was invented then, and a mighty cry appears in your literature as man realizes that, on the one hand, the body will not last, but denies his Spirit nature on the other, so he basically has nothing. Humanity chose a rocky path indeed.

MT: I can be on vacation all the time, you say. I know this is true, but it doesn't happen in my day-to-day reality. That's a strange state of mind, knowing something is so, and watching it be different.

JC: At that moment you come face to face with your illusions, and yes, that's a strange state of mind. You have one foot in each world. You see the dream for what it is—just a dream—but you are afraid of waking up to the unknown.

MT: So today, I remind myself (I need a LOT of reminding!): I will there be light, and since my mind is in accord with God's, there IS light. No more do I walk in the valley of the shadow of death.

87 I will there be light. There is no will but God's.

When I say, "I will," I am saying "God wills." In the old thinking, there were two separate wills. But even now, fear still comes with the words, "this is what I want. This is my will." They seems pretentious. Humility was beaten into me, or I guess you would call it littleness, when I learned to get along in the world of Man.
JC: True humility acknowledges hierarchy. You are an effect of God. God is Father, you are Son, and therefore able to create as God.
MT: Coming back to little me, or big me . . . yikes, in writing these words, I clearly dropped back into the body. That was a strange sensation, JC.
JC: There is no need. You create as God.
MT: So what's all this about light? I grope in darkness.
JC: Come back to Me. Let there be light. You are appointed to be the bringer of light.
MT: Lucifer, Light Bringer, the angel who dreamt the Fall.
JC: Think of what this means--you dreamt a Fall that never was. Wake up. You are a light in seeming darkness. You herald the approach of dawn.

87 I will there be light.
There is no will but God's.

You could say that God IS will. This because God is Life in all its forms. If I try to make up a will separate from God's, I am separating myself from life, and how could I do this and still walk and talk and be?

I am beginning to see the oneness of all things, things of Earth and Heaven, things I have seen with my body's eyes and things I cannot even imagine at this point.


88 The light has come. I am under no laws but God's.

JC: Good morning, Monica. I love you. You are a flower of God's creation. The lilies of the field bow down before you as you pass, and the birds sing your praises.

MT: OK, OK, take it easy. No need to lay on the syrup quite so thick. I am always uncomfortable with praise and gushing love fests.

JC: You would rather . . . . ?

MT: I would rather get down to business. Let's stay on task.

JC: Discussion of the lesson. Which is, the light has come, and you are under no laws but God's. You are behaving like the woman in the Bible, sweeping the kitchen while the others enjoyed my company. Is this what you want?

MT: No. I would like to experience the joy of God. I would like the light to come, and light also means lightness of being.

JC: Do you see how you made a law for yourself: "thou shalt not enjoy thyself while the dishes lay in the sink"?

MT: I was uncomfortable with your expression of love, that's why I called us to task. Expressions of love always seem to require a like response, like obligatory love. Also, I picture you as a male, and the praise might be a way to get my guard down. I know this is crazy.

Jc: No, this is sad. You create a barrier because, one, you feel obligated to respond in kind, and two, you look for guidance to ancient traumatic experiences with males, instead of asking the Holy Spirit.

MT: Men use women for their pleasure, and then they call you a slut.

JC: That is an old rule your mother made and you accepted as gospel. It does not apply to all males, not even most males. It never did apply to you. It definitely does not apply to me.

MT: Question assumptions, you are telling me.

JC: Question assumptions. Wipe the slate clean so God can write His laws down. The laws of men no longer apply.

MT: Ah, that it really were so!

JC: It can be so today. You can dwell with me today in Paradise.


88 The light has come. I am under no laws but God's.

MT: You're jumping around here. Why are these two statements together? I don't see the connection.
JC: You don't see the connection because you have made up a disconnected world. Truth is, everything is connected.
MT: Let me try to understand. The light has come--I am "enlightened." This means that none of the world's laws apply to me.
JC: It depends on the meaning you give to the word "me." The world's laws have nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the Self. The world's laws have everything to do with the ego-personality. When you let light in and see that you are not a body, your freedom automatically extends to infinity. The laws of this tiny sphere no longer apply. For now, it suffices that you question the laws of the world and realize that worlds upon worlds are stacked on top of this one, and that the laws you made to hide the truth apply only to this layer, the illusion you put together.
MT: The way to freedom, then, is to let go of the world I made, to see that it's not real and not Truth.
JC: When you see that, the light has come.

88 The light has come.
I am under no laws but God's.

Is my life better after a quarter century with this new thought system? I can tell you one thing: I would not go back to the way life was for a million dollars. Make that a billion, since that seems to be the new million. The light has come, and I rejoice in it.

And what about "no laws but God's?" What an empowering thought. What a way to cut through BS. I am under no laws but God's. You can tell me to do this or that or the other, to eat vegan, to stretch in the morning, floss my teeth and check my emails. But I tell you, I am under no laws but God's, and in me there is a Guide I consult whenever in doubt. He is the end of doubt, the end of myriad pieces of advice, rules and threats. No more am I battered by winds of change, because He walks with me, always has, always will. He is the beacon, and He resides within, my friend, my lover, my Rock of Ages.

89 I am entitled to miracles. Let miracles replace all grievances.

MT: This is me, right now, as I am. I sat here for the peace of God, but there's the TV that S turned on.

JC: Difficult circumstances, but others have overcome circumstances exponentially worse.

MT: Concentration camps, you mean? Masses of humanity thrown together in squalor, no silence, no beauty, hunger and cold a constant presence. How does the mind overcome that?

JC: Some overcame those conditions. Some became walking miracles, surviving against all odds. Most railed against their oppressor, lamented their condition, and died without learning the ultimate lesson: I am entitled to miracles. But to reach that point, one must disengage from the concerns of the earth. This means forgiveness, letting go of grievances. Note the reverse relationship of miracles and grievances: you have one or you have the other.

MT: I can have my grievances, or I can have a miracle.

JC: Ask to be released from grievances, and God will show you the way.

MT: The "little willingness." Thank you.


89 I am entitled to miracles. Let miracles replace all grievances.

MT: Woke up with the sad thought: like Helen Schucman, I know the Course is true, but I don't believe it. Can't say it's anybody else's fault, either, because I haven't done all it says. In my quest for physical energy and release, I gave up on meditation. I lied to myself that yoga and Pilates and gyrokinesis were meditation enough. In the conclusion of the Workbook, you speak of the practice of "deep experience" --one of the rare places that the Course gives a specific direction for future action. So, I'm sorry, JC, but I have the feeling that this is it and I'm going to have to resign myself to the truth: I don't really believe I'm entitled to miracles. I know that giving up grievances offers peace, yes, but miracles? That's a barrier I haven't had the courage to walk through.
JC: Yet your life is better.
MT: Yes. . . my life is better. Even the physical is better than I dared hope. I would probably need a walker to get around without the teachers God sent my way, or you sent my way, whoever it was--there's help floating out there, I admit.
JC: Or floating in here. Help does not happen without acceptance.
MT: Help happens with joining, but I've been a miserable failure at joining. I could never suffer being an apprentice. I thought I knew everything, or if I didn't know, I could always pretend. I expect that this stance of mine is still in operation, as shown by my unwillingness to meditate.
JC: There is no magic in meditation. Yes, you are closed, but you are open too. You have helped a lot of people, while claiming to be selfish and closed!
MT: I am totally confused right now.
JC: Come back to me, come back to me. The door is open.

89 I am entitled to miracles.
Let miracles replace all grievances.

Why am I entitled to miracles? Because that's my inheritance as a Son of God. I am entitled to miracles because of who I am, not because of burning incense or lighting candles. Neither do good deeds entitle me to miracles. We all want to have a hand in God's grace, but grace is not something we can bargain, buy, borrow or steal. Grace is given. It is already there.

What about grievances? What do they have to do with miracles? Only that grievances lock me in the world of the ego, the world of littleness, beginnings and endings, away from the eternal. Grievances act as a smokescreen that blocks out the Light of God. Here is the only reason we should give up grievances: we want miracles in our lives. We want the light of God that shines through the millennia to illuminate again our aching hearts.

90 Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved. Let me recognize my problems have been solved!

MT: I added the exclamation point, JC.

JC: Is good. So how to you want to play today?

MT: You inviting me to play? Like a child?

JC: And why not? Abandon all seriousness, ye who walk the world. You only have one problem, and that's already been solved. You thought you were an entity apart from God, but that was a laughable little slip. It's the only error you need correct.

MT: Thanks! I needed to hear that!

90 Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved. Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

MT: Can't be simpler, really, JC. One problem, one solution. Yet I woke up with the old companion, anxiety, plus a tight neck. Must have had a bad dream.
JC: You did well to pass on the movie, when you found it dark and depressing.
MT: Perhaps I should do without movies, period! They are just a time filler and an excuse for popcorn. But I honestly don't have any intention of doing so, any time soon. I wait for my addictions to drop away, don't I. And many have. So I won't make a problem of addiction to movies, popcorn, computer games, even checking email ten times a day. But wouldn't it be nice to become addicted to what's good for me, like meditation, laughter, painting, hiking, and playing the guitar? Or even paying the bills . . . Anybody out there addicted to paying bills? Addiction is a matter of definition, isn't it.
JC: It is all a matter of definition. Whose definition will you accept, yours, or God's?
MT: But I can only dream that I have a choice in this. Invited or not invited, God will be there. What I thought was a problem turns out to be no problem at all, because God is inevitable.

90 Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.
Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

What do you mean (says the ego), my problems have been solved? God only knows how many problems I have. . . they are so many, they have to take a number. As the joke went, "if something happens to me today, I won't be able to worry about it until next week."

So, what would it be like, to have no problems? To know that they have all been solved, because they were not many, but one? I guess I would wake up and smell the orange blossoms on the tree out front! I would walk to Starbucks for that delicious cup of morning coffee. I would look at everyone I meet with scintillating eyes and silently murmur, "brother, you too have no problems, not today, not ever."

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